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Issue #8, Page 8

27th Jul 2015, 9:13 PM in Issue #8: Trailblazing
Issue #8, Page 8
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Marcus Smiter 27th Jul 2015, 9:13 PM
Marcus Smiter
I think it's a safe assumption that Blaze + motorcycle is probably not the best combination if you're looking for a peaceful evening.

I usually abhor drawing vehicles of any kind, but I got plenty of reference for that motorcycle, so it worked out better than my usual attempts. It's a Harley of some kind, don't ask, what I know about vehicle models is dangerous.

I might upload that Snake Nest picture as a separate image at some point, probably on my homepage! (Yeah yeah, self promotion, blah blah, I'll stop when it works) Be sure to check out fifthacecomics.com; I've started webcomic reviews, I'm uploading sketches, and just using the space to be myself a bit more. Enjoy!